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Aspen Alkylate

Aspen Alkylate is a fuel just like gasoline that is manufactured specifically for small engine equipment. The product is packaged in Sweden for quality control and because it is only one of two places in the world that can manufacture and refine this fuel. The Swedish government was responsible with Aspen for creating a better and much cleaner burning fuel for the smallest and dirtiest engines, especially in their forestry sector over 20 years ago!

Aspen Alkylate has numerous benefits over regular gasoline that you would purchase at any gas station. It is designed for two-stroke and four-stroke small engines (i.e., chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed eaters, blowers, trimmers, etc.), and Aspen 2 is already pre-mixed at a 50:1 ratio for two-stroke engines! Aspen has three very important values when it comes to fuel.

The three main points are: Your health - Your environment - Your equipment

Aspen 2 is a pre-mixed fuel for two-stroke engines (e.g., chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, etc.) which require a gasoline and oil mixture to run. Two-stroke engines are great because of their lightweight and simple design. Unfortunately two-stroke engines are some of the biggest polluters out there with more than 40 percent of the fuel and oil mixture being un-combusted and inhaled which leads to health issues (e.g., leukemia) over time.

Have you ever seen a chainsaw with blue smoke coming out of the back end? Well, that is the un-combusted fuel and oil mixture that is being spewed into your work area, and being inhaled by you and those around you. Stats Canada has some shocking facts and figures on how polluting two-stroke engines are, with one example stating a 70 bhp outboard engine running for one hour is equivalent to driving a car 8,000 km non-stop!

Aspen reduces the smog factor by 60% by only having about 10 ingredients where gasoline has over 100 ingredients in it, including some very dangerous substances like Benzene, Toluene, and many others that lead to cancer and asthma. Would you stick your nose in font of your car exhaust for 10 - 20 minutes? Well, using your lawn mower or chainsaw is worse than that, and can cause a lot more damage than you would imagine!
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