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Repowering Snow Throwers with Briggs & Stratton Engines

January 31st, 2009:

With the largest snow thrower engine manufacturer exiting the market, many service dealers have asked about the repower opportunities of using Briggs & Stratton's snow engine line-up. There are several factors you must consider when selecting the appropriate replacement engine. Briggs & Stratton snow engines deliver superior power, better tonal quality and reliable overall performance, offering dealers a great option for replacement opportunities. Consider these five key factors when replacing a snow thrower engine.

Envelope Size and Torque Requirements. The physical dimensions must be considered before deciding on any replacement engine. The Briggs & Stratton 1350 and 1450 Snow SeriesT or Snow Series MAX engines are similar to the competitive offerings in the 13- to 15-torque range and shouldn't present any fit issues.

Crankshaft Configuration. There are several things to consider related to the crankshaft. Depending on the engine model and type, standard 1" diameter with " keyway tapped either 3/8-24 or 7/16-20 are very common crankshaft configurations. Be aware that crankshaft lengths can vary. Briggs & Stratton offers several different models in these crankshaft configurations. We also offer a " crankshaft version up to 12 foot-pounds of torque. Also remember that many OHV engines have a lower crankshaft center height that the old L-Head engines, and thus, would require the Briggs & Stratton Spacer Kit #695154.

Electrical Requirements. Many manufacturers equip their units with lights or hand warmers that require an electrical source to function properly. Most Briggs & Stratton snow engines come standard with alternators designed to handle these accessory loads.

Starting Method. Will the unit be started with a recoil or 110-volt electric starter? Briggs & Stratton offers engines that can accommodate either set-up.

Fit Issues. There are a number of fit issues to consider. For example, the muffler should be able to discharge in a sage, non-obstructed area and away from plastic parts. Also, don't forget about support brackets for the chute that should be re-mounted if possible after the replacement engine is fitted.

The MS-5568 Briggs & Stratton Engine Catalog (October 2008) has the complete line-up of Briggs & Stratton snow engines, including specifications. There are over 18 models that can handle most repower opportunities.

With a little effort and ingenuity, you can repower snow equipment with new, fully warranted Briggs & Stratton snow engines.

Written By: Wayne Rassel
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