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Preventive Maintenace Improves Fuel Economy

January 14th, 2009:

High gasoline prices have negatively affected motorists across the nation, and although they are powerless to change the prices, they can employ a few vehicle preventive maintenance strategies to improve fuel economy and help ease the strain on their budgets.

"The key to reducing the financial strain of rising gas prices is the [sic] make sure your vehicle is running at an optimum level," says Bob Arlotta, 2008 NAPA Technician of the Year. "There are several common parts located throughout the vehicle that if not functioning properly can really limit a vehicle's gas mileage, costing owners more at the pump."

Motor Oil and Oil Filters
Clean oil reduces friction in the engine, increasing both fuel economy and engine reliability.

The synthetic construction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils effectively reduces friction, decreasing overall fuel consumption, while the superior efficiency of Ea Oil Filters further controls friction and increases fuel economy by keeping oil clean.

Fuel Additives
A vehicle's fuel economy, power, performance and acceleration all suffer as deposits build up in the fuel system.

AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver effectively cleans the entire fuel system in only one tank of gasoline, improving fuel economy and restoring power, performance and acceleration.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate is a total system cleaner and lubricity improver, effectively improving diesel engine performance, fuel efficiency and longevity, while reducing deposits, black smoke and emissions.

Fuel Filters
Once a fuel filter becomes plugged, sensors instruct the vehicle's computer to send more fuel to the engine, leading not only to increased fuel consumption, but also emissions testing failure and engine system wear. Replacing fuel filters at their proper intervals prevents them from plugging and maximizes fuel economy.

WIX Fuel Filters available from AMSOIL provide unmatched fuel cleansing performance, boosting fuel economy while preventing pump wear, injector clogging and premature engine wear.

Spark Plugs
Subjected to extreme conditions in the combustion chamber, spark plugs can eventually foul and contribute to engine misfires, reducing fuel economy. Replacing spark plugs at their proper intervals increases fuel economy, keeps the engine running smoothly and reduces emissions.

Written By: Amsoil Service Line
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