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Repowering Leaf Blowers with Briggs & Stratton Engines

October 13th, 2009:

Fall is in the air, and that means leaves are on the ground. That old blower just isn't as powerful as it once was and those leaves just aren't budging. Don't get rid of that old faithful blower. Instead, repower it with a new Briggs & Stratton engine. Keep that favorite piece of power equipment, but improve it with a new engine and warranty for less than replacing the entire unit.
Repowering a leaf blower not only revamps equipment and saves money for the consumer, but it can put money in the pockets of dealers. Leaf blowers and leaf blower repower engines are excellent opportunities for additional business between the summer and winter seasons. Briggs & Stratton offers a wide variety of replacement engines for blowers.
Some of the key considerations when identifying the correct repower blower engine are:
Crankshaft Dimensions Most Blowers use a standard 1-inch diameter crankshaft. However, the lengths of blower crankshafts do vary. Briggs & Stratton offers a selection of repower engines in several crankshaft lengths to meet specific needs.
Crankshaft Height Be sure to compare the crankshaft height of the older removed engine and the new Briggs & Stratton repower engine. Briggs & Stratton offers a Spacer Kit (#695154) if the crankshaft height of the new repower engine needs to be raised to correspond to the older engine.
Envelope Requirements Make sure to compare the physical dimensions of the repower engine to the old engine. The repower engine should fit within the dimensions of the removed engine and have sufficient clearance for mounting. The exhaust should also deflect in the correct direction.
Selecting the Correct Engine The Briggs & Stratton Engine Catalog (MS-5568) has a complete offering of replacement engines for virtually every application. Your IDN member currently has a wide selection of promotionally priced engines suitable for most blower applications. Two of the most popular are the 1450 IntekT Series engines listed below.

Written By: Briggs & Stratton Power Pulse
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