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Briggs & Stratton Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

October 12th, 2009:

Briggs & Stratton received an Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy Systems Inc. in May 2009. Orion presented the award to Briggs & Stratton at the Poplar Bluff facility. President and COO Todd Teske accepted the award on behalf of Briggs & Stratton from Orion Energy Systems President and CEO Neal Verfuerth, and Poplar Bluff Mayor Loyd Matthews. "We are honored to receive this prestigious environmental stewardship award from Orion Energy Systems," Teske said.
"We are pleased to partner with Orion and continue our commitment to reducing our energy consumption."
The environmental stewardship award from Orion Energy Systems Inc. of Manitowoc, WI, is designed to recognize companies that reduce energy consumption - and associated greenhouse gases - through the use of Orion technology.
"Briggs & Stratton is a very viable part of our community, our state and our nation," said Mayor Matthews. "They reach out to the community, they are a good neighbor and a good citizen. This is a proud moment of the well-deserved distinction of being presented with the Orion Energy Systems Environmental Stewardship Award."
In eight of our North American facilities, Briggs & Stratton has decreased energy consumption by 9.4 Million Kilowatt-hours using Orion's high-intensity fluorescent technology. As a result of the energy reduction, Briggs & Stratton will decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 7,448 metric tons every year.
Environmental stewardship drives what Briggs & Stratton does every day and lies at the very heart of the company's vision and values. In addition to implementing high-efficiency lighting at our facilities, Briggs & Stratton has reduced its hazardous waste by 90%, eliminated more than 75% of smog-forming emissions from our engines since 1995, and recycled 100% of its aluminum scrap. All of the cast iron and steel components used in its projects come from recycled materials.
These are just a few examples of Briggs & Stratton's longstanding commitment to sustainability. You can learn more about our sustainability efforts by reading our first ever Sustainability Report, available to

Written By: Briggs & Stratton Power Pulse
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