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AMSOIL Saber Professional Delivers Dependable Protection

October 13th, 2009:

Field study with logging company proves Saber superiority under extreme conditions
AMSOIL Saber Professional Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oil is formulated with exclusive AMSOIL synthetic base oils and premium additives. Designed for lean mix ratios in two-cycle motors, Saber Professional has excellent lubricity and cleanliness properties to control friction and help prevent wear, plug fouling and ring sticking.
Many Applications, One Mix Ratio
Saber Professional has a recommended mix ratio of 100:1, even when the application calls for a ratio of 50:1 gas-to-oil. Its high-quality base oils resist consumption and evaporation better than conventional two-cycle oils. The combination of premium base oil chemistry and superior additive technology allows Saber Professional to deliver maximum performance and protection in small engine applications; even at 100:1.
Logging Outfit Puts Saber To The Test
AMSOIL Synthetic 100:1 2-Cycle Oils have been providing improved performance and protection in two-cycle motors since 1973. However, there are still consumers who struggle with the notion that Saber provides optimum protection at 100:1 when the equipment manufacturer has specified a 50:1 mix ratio. In order to once again demonstrate the superiority of AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils, AMSOIL provided a logging company with six Stihl MS 440 chainsaws. Three of the saws were operated using the manufacturer-recommended two-cycle oil at the recommended mix ratio (50:1). The other three saws had AMSOIL Saber Professional installed at a mix ratio of 100:1. The loggers used all six saws as they normally would for 200 hours.
200 Hours of Abuse
It is important to remember that normal use of chainsaws by a commercial logging outfit easily qualifies as extreme severe service. At the end of the 200-hour test period, the saws were returned with missing paint, cracked handles and an overall appearance of abuse.
Saber Professional Withstands Severe Service
After the test period the saws were subjected to a detailed engine teardown to determine how well Saber performed. As expected, the teardown revealed that the chainsaws using AMSOIL Saber Professional at a mix ratio of 100:1 had fewer deposits, less wear and were generally cleaner than the saws that operated using the manufacturer-recommended two-cycle oil mixed at 50:1. In addition, the chainsaws with Saber installed used an average of 8% less fuel than saws running conventional oil at 50:1.

Written By: AMSOIL Service Line
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