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Get in T.U.N.E

March 15th, 2010:

In the Fall 2009 edition of At Your Service, Briggs & Stratton introduced the new Dealer Oil Recycling Solution. This new solution is aimed at helping consumers lessen their impact on the environment, while also helping Briggs & Stratton dealers attract new customers. Recycling used oil is one way everybody can do something green. It removes a roadblock to mower maintenance by answering the question: "What do I do with the used oil?"
In the current economy, more consumers are doing routine maintenance on their mowers. Therefore, providing them with an easy solution to recycle their used oil is a win-win for the environment, your dealership and the customer.
To further help the dealers get more customers, we have launched a national PR campaign called Get in T.U.N.E. (tune Up Now for the Earth). The campaign will highlight the benefits of doing regular maintenance of outdoor power equipment with Briggs & Stratton tune-up kits and the importance of properly recycling used oil. It is hoped that this campaign will also benefit dealers by potentially driving additional sales of tune-up kits.
"Our goal is to make a tune-up so convenient and easy from start to finish that everyone does it once a year" says Mike Barnett, Service Marketing Manager at Briggs & Stratton. "We want dealers to be a part of this movement. Coupled with our oil recycling promotion, tune-up kits will give more customers more reasons to walk through dealers' doors more often. At the same time, everybody is doing something good for the environment".
The campaign has already received positive feedback from major consumer magazines such as Family Handyman, Handy, Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics and many others. This message has the potential to reach six million readers.
Currently, there are many Briggs & Stratton dealers participating in the Dealer Oil Recycling Solution. This important initiative is one way you can help the environment and draw in new customers. We encourage you to contact your IDN sales representative on how your dealership can participate.

Written By: Briggs & Stratton Power Pulse
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