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Generators Light Up HAITI

July 21st, 2010:

In February, Briggs & Stratton President & CEO Todd Teske and Home Power Products Group President, Harold Redman made the decision to donate 240 Generators to Haitian earthquake victims. Only a month earlier, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the small third-world nation killing over 300,000 people. Even though Briggs & Stratton headquarters is over 1,800 miles away, the company knew they had both the product and the ability to help those who no longer had electricity, running water, or plumbing to sustain themselves.

After analyzing the damage from the earthquake, Briggs & Stratton officials concluded that the Storm Responder 5500 would be the ideal generator for the current situation in Haiti. Briggs & Stratton chose the Storm Responder 5500 for the donation because it can provide reliable and portable power for over 13 hours on one tank of fuel. The Storm Responder 5500 can also allow relief workers to power multiple appliances, simultaneously enabling multiple projects to be completed at the same time.

It took quite a bit, of time and effort to get these generators to Haiti, which included partnering with non-profit organizations. Briggs & Stratton executives were notified that its generators will finally be released to Haitian citizens after spending several weeks in Haiti Customs. Even though Haiti will be receiving the generators months later, Director of Corporate Communications Laura Timm remained optimistic. "The government in Haiti is far from recovered. What was clear from the beginning is that we wanted to help and we would help but we would need to wait until some of the incredible challenges Haiti faced were dealt with."

In order to ensure the recipients and distribution of the generators, Briggs & Stratton partnered with Haiti Partners, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the reconstruction and restoration of Haiti, to oversee the donation. Retired Milwaukee native and now Haiti Partner Advisor, Allan Klotsche said, "The ability to provide these generators to clinics and schools will be spectacular. It is going to make a huge difference."

The generators will provide the catalyst needed to repair the destruction and rebuild the lives of the Haitian people that were devastated by the earthquake. As a result of Briggs & Stratton's donation, schools, clinics, churches and Haiti's Civil Protection Department will now have the ability to provide service and aid to earthquake victims. In addition to the donation, Laura Timm traveled to Haiti to reinforce the investment and commitment Briggs & Stratton has for its global community, especially the people of Haiti, and offer continued support for the country's relief efforts. "The incredible generosity from our management and our employees is a true testament to our culture at Briggs & Stratton," added Timm. You can read Laura's blog about her experience in Haiti by visiting

Written By: Briggs & Stratton Power Pulse
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