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Introducing the New E Series Engines

July 9th, 2011:

Planning the replacement for one of the world's most widely sold air-cooled engines is no easy task. Since the 1950s, the venerable Model 9/10 has offered generations of homeowners a reliable, easy-to-use engine to power their lawnmowers and a wide variety of yard and garden equipment. It is estimated that the Model 9/10, or the 300-550 Series T as we now call it, has been trusted to power over 100 million machines. So it was with great respect for the pioneering Model 9/10 that the engineering team undertook the challenge to design Briggs & Stratton's next great engine series - the 450e to 550ex Series T Engines. 

In 2012, the 550e and 550ex Series T engines will make their U.S. and Canadian debut. Like the Model 9/10, these engines are lightweight, fuel efficient and easy to start. The 550e and 550ex will operate with 35% lower emissions than their predecessors and meet all 2012 U.S. EPA Phase 3 emissions standards. More importantly, engine power was not sacrificed in order to achieve the improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions. In fact, the 550ex still delivers 5.50 foot pounds of gross torque * power and a torque-to-weight ratio that is best in its class. Consumers will also enjoy a more pleasant mowing experience as noise and vibration have been reduced. 

The 550e and 550ex Series also introduces a series of changes for Briggs & Stratton service dealers. "To start with, the 500e and 550ex are an overhead valve design," said J.P. Benjamins, a Product Marketing Manager in the Briggs & Stratton Engine Group. "The design changes don't stop there. We designed an engineered resin, float feed carburetor for this engine. This engine will not use the pulsa-prime diaphragm system that was on the Model 9/10." This design will help the 500e and 550ex be more tolerant to alcohol-blended fuels and will reduce gumming and varnishing caused by evaporating fuel. "This engine will be easier to start too," added Benjamins, "and ReadyStart will also be an available option." 

As expected from an engine that has been designed from a blank slate, there are other design differences between the E Series compared to the Model 9/10. A mechanical governor is used on this new platform rather than the old air vane governor system. The fuel tank will be made from low permeation nylon rather than metal. Liquid gaskets, similar to those found on large vertical engines, will be used on the rocker cover, head plate and breather cover. "Dealers should also know that both foam and paper air cleaner elements will be available for this engine," said Benjamins. 

Production of the 550e and 550ex Series will begin in August at Briggs & Stratton's Murray, Kentucky manufacturing facility. Initially, North American consumers will be able to buy many popular lawnmower brands powered by the 550e and 550ex Series. The 450e and 500e Series will join the E Series line up for the 2013 model year when the Model 9/10 phases out of production.

Written By: Brian Kieffer, AYS Newsletter
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