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The lonely garden - how to leave on vacation with an easy heart

June 29th, 2011:

Summer, sun and vacations. But returning from sunny beaches to find your lonely garden dried up and in total shambles can be a real bitter ending to that long-awaited period of rest. Here's how to take care of your greenery - when you're not at home.
There's no way to predict the weather. And there's no way to make sure rain falls in the desired quantities while the garden owner and flower lover is away on holiday. Luckily there are solutions.
Today, you can get very comprehensive watering systems, for both outdoor and indoor use that'll take care of all your lawns, hedges, flowerbeds as well as your potted plants. The systems are computer controlled and very easy to handle. They also save water by directing it directly drip by drip to where it's most needed. The amount of used water can be lowered with up to 70 percent. With a holiday-programmed irrigation system in combination with rain or soil moisture sensors the plants should survive your absence. If you want simpler solutions there are moisture mats, self-watering pots and swellgel that will provide moisture for potted plants. Potted plants benefit from being kept away from direct sunlight. Place them in the shadow and make sure you lower hanging baskets and minimize exposure. Remove weeds as thoroughly as possible as these will "steal" water from your plants.
When it comes to the lawn, nothing is more tedious than returning home to a grassy jungle demanding hours of mowing. A robotic mower will take care of your lawn and sure it looks perfect when you return home. It needs very little supervision, charges itself and can be programmed to cut on a daily basis. As an added bonus a newly mowed lawn might serve to keep thieves away, as it gives the impression that the occupants are at home and hard-working in the garden. Finally - don't be afraid to ask around for help. Ask a friendly neighbour to check in from time to time so that everything runs accordingly.
Then it's all about leaning back, enjoying some peace of mind and relaxing. It's vacation time!
. Remove potted plants from direct sunlight
. Clear away weeds
. Program water computer (or arrange alternate watering systems)
. Activate robotic mower if you have one
. Ask the neighbours
. Relax!

Written By: Husqvarna Canada News
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