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Kohler Enters Walk-Behind Market with Courage XT Engines

July 1st, 2008:

As the Kohler Engines engineering team went about designing the all new Courage XT-6 (3.5 net hp) and Courage XT-7 (4.5 net hp) engines for the ultra competitive OEM walk-behind market, they asked a simple question; what does the end-user want?

"Kohler has been engineering and manufacturing engines for commercial-ride mowers for more than 80 years," says Dan Luhman, senior product manager-consumer products. "So from the start with the new Courage XTs, our approach was based on the premise that commercial customers and walk-behind consumers actually want the same thing-power and durability. Kohler engineers translated commercial-ride features including an overhead valve design and cast-iron cylinder models, they delivered."

The overhead valve design provides the power, plus efficient combustion for minimal fuel consumption and emissions. And to enhance engine life, Kohler employs cast-iron cylinder bores standard on both models, a first in the engine category.

"The cast-iron bores are a commercial-grade, professional, high-durability feature," says Luhman. "The bores add robustness, especially under high load. And in a dirty operating environment, they're going to be more forgiving than their aluminum counterparts from other manufacturers."

The Courage XT-6 and XT-7 also employ a forged - not cast - crankshaft, providing superior tensile strength and performance, especially for heavy loads and rough mowing conditions. Kohler also engineered a consumer - friendly wide diameter gas tank opening for refueling convenience.

"Whether it's a commercial turf feature like cast-iron bores or KOHLER exclusive no-spill-over refueling," says Luhman, "the Courage XT6 and XT-7 are in a strong position to become the new engine of choice for today's OEMs and consumers."

Written By: Stephanie Dlugopolski,
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