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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why does my unit seem to vibrate excessively, and is it okay to operate this way?

CAUTION: Before performing inspection or service on any unit, always disconnect and ground the spark plug wire.

All pieces of power equipment will vibrate some during operation. If a unit vibrates excessively or suddenly the unit is noticibly experiencing an increase in vibration than previously, first we need to make sure that the unit is running at full throttle and at the proper engine rpm for use.

If the unit continues to vibrate excessively, this is a definite sign that there is something not working properly. Sometimes this vibration could mean that the engine needs a tune up or minor repair. Generally this type of vibration means that something spinning or turning (like the blades, pulleys, belts, bearings, spindles or crankshaft) is bent or has been damaged. DO NOT continue to operate the unit.

Excessive vibration can cause fasteners to loosen and risk parts falling off. This vibration can also weaken components causing them to crack and break. At this point, inspection of these components is necessary. If assistance is needed with this, please contact us by e-mailing and a customer service representative would be glad to help.

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