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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What is the proper way to mulch grass clippings? How do I mulch grass clippings?

When mulching, make sure the mulch baffle and/or mulch plug is in place and that the proper mulching capable blade(s) is(are) installed on the mower.

(Please read the manual for further mulch baffle or mulch plug installation instructions.)


  • Cut no more than 1 " off of the blades of grass during each mulch cutting. Trying to mulch clippings of greater lenth than this will cause the clippings to clump up beneth the deck and not become mulched properly.
  • Maintain a slow ground speed to allow the grass clippings more time to be effectively mulched.
  • Keep the engine throttle (if applicable) in the FAST postion throughout the mulching process. This will assist the engine to ensure their is sufficient blade tip speed to properly mulch the clippings.

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