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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

The engine does not appear to be producing spark. Should the Magnetron Ignition Armature be replaced?
A solid state Magnetron Ignition System has been utilized in Briggs & Stratton engines produced since approximately August 1982. Since that time, this system has undergone several upgrades, and today we feel it is an extremely reliable system.

In many cases the armature is replaced during an engine repair when the actual problem could be related to a spark plug, ground wire, safety switch, ignition switch, etc.

When an ignition problem is believed to be related to the armature, the systematic testing procedure below should be used. Replacement of the coil would not be necessary unless it fails to produce a consistent spark in the last step of this procedure. By following this chart, the replacement of a perfectly functional coil can be avoided.

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