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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why won't my hand held product start or run?

First, check to make sure the on/off switch is in the ON position.

If there is an odor of gasoline in the air around the product, and there are no visible exterior fuel leaks, the engine carburetor may be flooded. Attempting to start the engine with the stop switch in the OFF position can result in too much fuel loading up in the carburetor. Pulling on the starter rope more than five times in the full choke position may also flood the unit. Make sure to partially choke the engine after hearing the initial sputter when fully choked.

If engine seems flooded, pull 10 to 15 times with the choke control positioned in the RUN setting until the unit fires. Another inexpensive attempt at solving this issue could be to replace the spark plug with a dry one.

Old fuel left in the gas tank over a long period of inactivity (more than 30 days) may cause the engine to run poorly or not start at all. Dispose of old gas and refill the tank with fresh fuel (fuel/oil mix for 2-cycle engines) and try to restart. Even if you get old fuel to work, it can become acidic or varnished over time and may cause damage to the engine. If fuel was stored in the unit over the winter, you may need a carburetor rebuild kit. Areas such as the inlet screen and the metering needle may become gummed up or glazed from the old fuel mixture. A cleaning of the carburetor, and possibly a rebuild, are the only cures for this situation. If assistance is needed with this procedure, please consult a local authorized service center.

If troubled starting continues or assistance is necessary, please consult the operators manual or contact us by e-mail and a customer service representative will be glad to help.

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