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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What is the difference between a "Single-Stage" and a "Two-Stage" snow thrower design?

Single-Stage snow throwers have a single rotating auger that performs both the collecting and the discharge functions of snow movement into and out from the machine.  This feature is generally found on light-duty or compact design snow throwers where overall machine size and weight are a concern and where small to moderate amounts of snow are normally being processed. Single-stage snow throwers are more popular with persons having small to mid-size driveways and in regions where moderate snowfall is expected and where tight or close quarters are being cleared that would be impractical for the use of a larger machine.

Two-Stage snow throwers utilize a separate auger (intake) and internal impeller (discharge) that allows for the management of larger volumes of snow to be processed through the machine. This feature is generally found on medium to full size snow thrower designs wherein larger volumes of snow may be processed.

The decision of which style is right for a particular application will depend on the average snow volume for a particular region and the location and size of the area that the tool will be used.

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