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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How do I keep the trail shield on my walk behind mower from going underneath the deck when I pull the mower backwards?

The trail shield is designed in accordance with mandatory federal regulations pertinent to its design. Although it is not always possible to keep the trail shield from folding underneath the cutting deck, as ground conditions and operator usage can affect this.

Below is a list of some things that the operator of the mower can do to reduce the possibility of the shield from going underneath the mowing deck and therefore reduce the chance of the shield coming into contact with the cutting blade.

a) Pay close attention to the terrain, slope of the land and cutting height that the mower is being operated on or upon.

b) Cut at a higher cutting height whenever possible. The possibility of the trail shield coming into contact with the cutting blade increases as the cutting height of the mower is reduced.

c) Mow in forward direction over rough terrain whenever possible. Pulling the unit backwards over rough terrain can increase the possibility of the shield being folded underneath the cutting deck.

d) As the Operators Manual cautions, do not operate the unit on slopes greater than 15 degrees. Drainage ditches, culverts and slopes greater than 15 degrees should be trimmed with equipment designed for this purpose.

e) Be extra cautious, and move slowly when pulling the unit backwards. Should the trail shield be pulled underneath the rear of the mower, shut off the mower and then gently lift the rear of the mower by the handlebars and push mower forward on the front two wheels until the shield returns to its normal operating position behind the mower. Then re-start the mower and continue mowing.

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