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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What are the differences between Counter & Standard rotating tiller tines?


Counter rotating tines (CRT) rotate opposite the wheels. Standard rotating tines (SRT) rotate in the same direction as the wheels.

CRT models are very good for sod-busting new garden plots where one has not existed before. CRT models are better suited for professional landscapers or the like, who are often creating landscapes from established lawns. CRT models tend to lose forward traction in loosened soils and become harder to manage as the rear tines need to be periodically raised to allow the wheels to propel the unit forward.

Although SRT models may take extra passes to break up soil that has never before been tilled, SRT models are the most popular choice for residential gardeners as they are easily used in established gardens. When using an SRT tiller to break up hard packed soil or clay, adjust the depth bar so the tilling depth is at its shallowest setting. Then, till in a criss-cross pattern and slowly lower the depth of till until the soil is loose. Once the soil is broken, the addition of mulch, sand and other elements to create proper soil balance and drainage will ease future garden tilling. If breaking new ground using an SRT model is difficult, consider renting a CRT model to break up the hard soil then use the SRT model for the remainder of your tilling needs.

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