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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Is it normal for my cutting deck belt to squeak when I engage the cutting deck?

These belts are designed to suddenly grasp several pulleys and quickly get them up to a high RPM. A short chirp or squeek is normal when related components are new. In the same way that a new pair of basketball sneakers can make a squeaking sound when stopping or starting across a clean floor, these belts may develop a similar sound when the rubber belt contacts with these metal pulleys. As a belt wears-in, this noise should decrease.

Once the engine and all the drive pulleys arrive at full RPM, this squeak sound should disappear.

NOTE: If the sound continues once full RPM is acheived or there is a smell of burning rubber, immediately shut the tractor down and inspect the belt routing. The belt may be routed incorrectly or rubbing against something. If such issues persist or are unable to be diagnosed and corrected, please contact us by e-mail and a customer service representative would be glad to help.

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