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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What maintenance should be performed on my engine in preparation for storage?
Proper storage of your power equipment will make starting the engine that much easier when it is needed. Be sure to store your equipment in a clean, dry area. Do not store it in the same area as a stove, furnace, water heater or other appliance that uses a pilot light or has a device that can create a spark.

Here are some other tips on proper storage:


  • Be sure to top off the fuel tank before storing. Filling the tank helps prevent moisture from condensing in your fuel tank, and stops rust and scale before it starts.
  • Before you fill up, Gasoline Additive to the fuel, then run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the additive through the carburetor. The fuel stabilizer will help prevent gum from forming in the fuel system or on essential carburetor parts.
  • NOTE: If you choose NOT to use Gasoline Additive, or if the engine is using fuel containing alcohol, such as gasohol, remove all fuel from the tank and run the engine until it stops from lack of fuel.


  • While the engine is still warm, change the oil and oil filter (if equipped).


  • Remove the air cleaner, start the engine, and with the engine running, spray Fogging Oil into the carburetor throat for approximately 5 seconds (longer for larger engines) or until the engine stops running.
  • Turn off the ignition, remove the spark plug(s) and spray the Fogging Oil directly into the cylinder(s) using 1 or 2 short bursts.
  • Turn the engine over 1 or 2 revolutions. This will lubricate the piston, rings and cylinder walls. Reinstall the spark plugs. Have a new set of spark plugs ready for spring. At that time, after starting the engine for the first time and burning off the fogging oil, install the new spark plugs.
  • For 3-cylinder diesel engines, remove the glow plugs, and using the extension tip, spray 1 or 2 short bursts (about 3 cc) into each cylinder, then reinstall the glow plugs.


  • Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery terminal on units so equipped.
  • Remove the battery. The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Clean the battery terminals , and coat all terminals with Terminal Protector.


  • Don't store your engine dirty. Clean the engine surface of debris, chaff or grass.
  • With the spark plug lead removed from the engine, use a garden hose to wash away any residual grass clippings.
  • Once the majority of the grass clippings have been removed, it will be easier to identify a clump of grass that may be interfering with blade motion.
  • Using a wooden stick or other implement other that your hands and feet, remove the offending material and wash the deck thoroughly.

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