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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Where is the engine air filter located?

Sufficient air flow is important in providing proper fuel delivery to the engine. Air filters are designed to prevent dust and airborne debris from entering the engine internal components and damaging them.

  • Engine air filters are generally located on the intake side of the engine carburetor on gasoline engines.
  • Diesel engines will normally have an air filter inside or adjacent to the engine air intake tube.
  • Snow thrower engines do not normally have air filters as they are not necessary in this type of climate.

Air filters are normally encased inside a readily accessible area. These locations often have a snap open lid or a lid secured with a screw, nut, wing nut or clasp(s) for easy access to the filter for maintenance and service.

Engine air filters should be checked regularly for cleanliness. Dirty air filters should be replaced or (if applicable) cleaned in accordance with the engine manufacturers recommended maintenance and cleaning methods. Consult the engine service manual for specific air filter maintenance and servicing requirements.

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