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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

My self-propelled mower has lost drive on one drive wheel, what could the problem be?

Most self propelled mowers utilize a solid shaft drive transfer system that turns the drive axle to both wheels simultaneously. If the drive loss is in one wheel, the problem is likely a loose or trapped part within the drive ratchet or gear system of the non-functioning wheel.

For ratchet drive models, remove the hubcap to both drive wheels and compare the drive mechanisms. Frequently the problem is quite obvious and easily remedied. Commonly reported findings include mud or grass clippings that may be causing interference or loose or missing ratchet springs. Service components as needed.

For gear models (mostly on front wheel drive systems) remove the hub cap and wheel from the unit. Inspect the inner rim for mud or grass clippings that may be causing interference. Inspect the drive axle, there should be a gear pinned to the end. If the pin is removed or gear is no longer on the drive shaft, replace as needed. If gear is in place, inspect inside the wheel rim. Make sure the teeth that accept the drive gear are still in good condition. Service components as needed.

If further repair diagnosis is required, please contact us by e-mail and a customer service representative would be glad to help.

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