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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How is the single-stage snow thrower shave plate adjusted?

The shave plate adjustment on our single stage snow throwers can be made by first checking the shave plate to find how much adjustment is needed. To do this, place snow thrower on a level surface. Here is a view a drawing that shows, the auger, shave plate and wheels.

Single-Stage Shave Plate

These components should all be touching the ground at the same time. If either the auger or wheels are not touching the ground, this means that the shave plate is adjusted too low and needs to be raised. If the wheels and auger are both touching the ground and the shave plate is not, this means that the shave plate is too high, and needs to be lowered to meet the auger and wheel levels. The shave plate has four nuts and bolts that fasten it on. To make this adjustment, loosen these four fasteners and slide the shave plate up or down as needed.

Click Here for information about what you can do once the shave plate is excessively worn.

Note: There is no shave plate adjustment for the two-stage snow throwers.

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