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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How do I remove the wheel assemblies on my riding mower?
SERVICE NOTE: Make sure to properly elevate and support the unit before performing these procedures.

For most front tires, simply disassemble the cotter pin and washer, then slide the wheel with rim off of the axle.

For the rear tires, there is some visible hardware holding the rim onto the unit. Loosen and remove this hardware, then slide the wheel with rim off of the axle.

Occasionally, especially with older mowers, there may be trouble with the rear wheel removal procedure. Our product Operators Manuals advise to grease the rear axles at least once per season. Many product owners neglect this routine maintenance procedure and complications may result from this lack of preventive maintenance. Due to the heat generated from the operation of the unit and transmission, an axle that remains unlubricated can often bind to the rim making it terribly difficult to remove from the axle. Also, equipment that is left exposed to the elements and has corroded parts as a result may have rust issues to deal with. Some tricks used to remove a bound rim include using a rubber mallet to tap on and vibrate the rim. If that fails, it may be necessary to use that in combination with some sort of penetrating fluid which may help to free the bind.

If the wheel assembly does not separate from the axle shaft using a nominal amount of effort, then these parts may have become rusted together. This is not a good situation and may even require complete replacement of the wheel(s) and axle(s). Should this situation arise it is recommended that the unit be serviced at an authorized service center who can determine the best method of servicing this situation without damaging any associated internal transmission parts in the process.
Please do not hesitate on contacting us, so that we can guide you in the proper procedures of removal of the rim and tire.

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