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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What can I do when snow clogs inside the discharge chute?

CAUTION: Never attempt to clear a clogged discharge chute using your hand(s).

When snow clogs inside the discharge chute of the snow thrower, the first thing the operator should do is shut the unit and engine off completely. This will prevent excess wear on the belts and provide a safer environment to work in when clearing the clog. Then using a broom stick or other similar type device dig the clog free.

All snow thrower chutes clog occasionally. This is because snow density varies. Sometimes snow packs together more easily and sometimes it is dry and almost impossible to stick together. Snow that is warming or exposed to direct sunlight will tend to stick together more easily. This is why many people that plow snow do so at night when it is colder and the snow is not as moist.

Helpful Tip - Before use and while all surfaces are dry, spraying some non-stick cooking spray or furniture wax inside the auger housing and discharge chute may help to reduce clogging.

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