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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How do I start my chain saw?
Starting most two-cycle engines is quite simple. Use the procedure outlined in your operator's manual if it differs from the following:

    1) Move the choke lever to the full position.
    2) Hold or lock the throttle in the on position.
    3) If the unit has an on/off switch, move it to the on position (usually indicated by the symbol "I", not "O").
    4) If the unit has a primer bulb, depress it 8-9 times to draw fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor, this removing any air from the fuel lines.
    5) For chain saws with a step-through rear handle, set the saw on the ground, place the toe of your shoe through the handle, and hold the handlebar with your left hand. If the saw doesn't have a step-through rear handle, simply hold the handlebar and firmly press the bottom of the chain saw against the ground.
    6) Make short, brisk pulls on the starter rope until you hear the engine try to start. This should happen between 1-6 pulls.Do not pull the rope for more than 6 pulls in the full choke position.
    7) Set the choke lever at the half position and resume pulling the starter rope. The engine should start after 2-3 more pulls. If not, repeat from step 1.
    8) Once the engine starts running, move the choke to the off position after 10 seconds, then allow the saw to run another 30 seconds more before releasing the trigger. The unit should idle without stopping and run smoothly when the throttle is depressed.
    9) When the unit is warmed up, it should restart with the choke in the off position. If the unit is allowed to cool down, you may have to repeat steps 1-9.

If the unit doesn't respond, it may be flooded or have another problem. See "Why won't my chain saw start?"

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