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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

What are some general snow throwing procedures that I should follow?
  1. At the beginning of every season, become familiar with the controls on your snow thrower.
  2. Before beginning to throw snow, clear the area of any objects which could cause damage to your equipment. (The objects that people often have in these areas to be cleared are newspapers, hoses, dog chains/ropes, and toys) You should also think ahead and make sure this area is clear before a snowfall has covered and hidden any such objects.
  3. Always start the engine on a level surface and make sure the controls are all in a neutral position.
  4. Always run the unit at full throttle for best results.
  5. When clearing deeper and/or more dense snow, travel at a slower pace to prevent the unit from bogging.
  6. When it is possible to throw snow to both sides of an area, always do so. To clear snow in this manner, start in the middle of the area and slowly work your way towards the edges walking in somewhat of a spiral pattern as the diagram shows. Clearing this way will allow you to keep your discharge chute fixed in one position.
  7. When snow can only be thrown in one direction, it is necessary to clear snow by starting at one side of an area and working towards the other in a back and forth pattern. Marked by red on the diagram, it is necessary to rotate your discharge chute by approximately 180 degrees every time you turn around.
  8. DO NOT try to remove ice from any surface you are clearing with your snow thrower. Solid ice can cause damage to your snow thrower.
  9. DO NOT attempt to clean packed or clogged snow from the discharge chute by hand. Make sure the unit is completely shut down, then use a broom handle or something comparable to remove any interference in the discharge components.
  10. On driveways of gravel or crushed rock, make sure the skid shoes are set so that the auger is farthest from the ground. For smooth concrete or comparable surfaces, set the skid shoes as follows. Place a piece of cardboard under the shave plate at the rear of you auger housing. Make sure that the cardboard is centered and not as wide as the auger itself. Then adjust the skid shoes all the way down to the ground so that they support the auger housing.

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