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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why is my tire losing air pressure?

Most all inflatable tires used on our products are tubeless pneumatic tires. Seasonal temperature changes may cause tire air pressures to fluctuate. Cold temperatures may cause pressures to fall and warm temperatures may cause pressures to rise. Please check your tire pressure regularly and adjust to recommended operating pressure as needed.

The re-sealing of a tubeless pneumatic tire to the wheel rim should be done by an experienced professional equipped with proper specialized tire service tools to perform this procedure. Please utilize the Service Dealer Locator link within this support site to locate a local authorized service center for assistance with this service.

If a tire repeatedly leaks air, there is likely a leak. It could be a puncture in the tire itself, a leaky rim seal or even a defective tire fill valve.

Removal of the tire and wheel assembly and testing in a water bath may be necessary to discover the exact nature and location of the leak.

Common solutions to correcting a leaky tire include:

a) Patching a leaky tire with a tire patch or plug.

b) Installing a tire tube inside the tire.

c) Installing a professional tire sealant.

d) Replacement of defective fill valve.

e) Replacement of damaged tire and/or rim.

Contact a local authorized service center for further assistance, or to purchase service parts for sealing leaky tires.

NOTE:  If unsure of the tire pressure(s) required, please refer to the tire sidewall, on which the recommended operating pressures are labeled.

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