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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

My self-propelled mower goes too fast, how can I adjust it to go slower?
Our company manufactures self-propelled walk behind mowers in both fixed single speed models and variable speed models. Click Here to see a chart reviewing these various self-propelled mower models ground speed ranges. Single speed models are designed with a mid range ground speed applicable for most persons and average cutting conditions. Persons shopping for a mower with a broader range of ground speeds to accommodate an operators specific walking pace or various other cutting conditions should strongly consider purchasing a self-propelled unit with factory equipped variable speed options.

IMPORTANT! Modification of a single speed unit to change the predetermined ground speed would significantly alter the design of the unit. For liability reasons, we are not permitted to assist customers with unapproved modifications that have not been tested and approved by our Safety and Compliance Department. Persons attempting to perform any such unapproved alterations or modifications would need to do so without our approval or assistance.

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