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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

I only hear a "click" or "repeated clicking" sound when I turn the key to start my riding mower, what could be causing this?

NOTE: These instructions are prepared for use by trained technicians who are experienced in the service and repair of equipment and are not intended for use by untrained or inexperienced individuals. Such individuals should seek the assistance of an authorized service center.

CAUTION: Before performing maintenance on any unit, always disconnect and ground the spark plug wire.

There are a few things that would most likely cause this. The first would be the battery either has a low charge or is dead. Charge the battery as instructed in your operator's manual. If it does not take a charge, it is most likely a dead battery and the battery will need to be replaced.

Other possible causes, that could result in an incomplete starter circuit activation, require careful inspection, testing and service of the ignition system electrical wiring circuit. To identify and service a possible poor electrical ground, somewhere in the electrical system, inspect for corrosion and/or loose or broken wiring connections along ground wire circuits. Clean corrosion from connections, electrically test circuits, and service as needed.

If the battery has the proper charge and the wiring and electrical circuits test out properly, then inspection and replacement of the ignition starter solenoid may be necessary. Note: Testing of the ignition starter solenoid should only be done by a trained electrical service professional familiar with these types of switches.

If within the warranty period, please have an authorized service dealer inspect and repair the unit to avoid risk of voiding your warranty.

If further assistance is needed, please contact us by e-mail, so that a customer service representative can assist you with your electrical system repair.

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