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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How can I determine which log splitter (tonnage, horsepower, options etc...) is best suited for my intended use?

Although most wood (both hard and soft woods) can be split with any of our logsplitters, the choice of purchasing a larger, stronger and more durable tool would actually depend on the customers intent of use, how often the tool is to be used and the expected durability of the tool over the expected service life. Persons that will primarily be splitting hard woods would benefit from having the higher tonnage and larger engines, by decreasing the wear and strain on the smaller unit over time.

Persons that split small amounts of wood for their personal use may want to save money on the expense of a larger tool for light intermittent use.

Persons that intend to split larger amounts of wood (multiple fireplaces or for use as a primary heat source) may want to invest in a larger more powerful tool designed to operate more efficiently and with less stress on the overall machine over time.

Most residential wood splitters find satisfaction in the entry level to mid-size units. Persons with heavy duty usage plans will tend to purchase the larger more powerful units.

Other "optional" features, to consider include:

  • Log Cradle: This feature helps to prevent split sections from falling onto the engine or operator by acting as a stop to prevent falling split wood from dropping directly on to the ground
  • Fenders: Fenders will help in situations of frequent towing use from multiple work site locations. *NOTE: Fenders may be required in some regions by local laws governing towing on public access roads. Check local laws before purchasing a model without fenders if the unit is to be towed over the road.

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