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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why would the handle or bracket on my mower become loose or break?

These handles and brackets are durable and should last the life of the mower under normal use. If the handle brackets are loosening or have broken it is likely the result of terrain, operator related usage, or a combination of both.

Below are some tips on preventing this type of situation:

  • Mowing drainage ditches and culverts can be extremely stressful on handles and handle brackets. Use caution when maneuvering the mower in these types of incline areas. Remember that these mowers are not approved for inclines greater than 15 degrees. Hand held string trimmers are the proper tool to be used around these types of areas.
  • Operators that push upward on the handles (rather than forward on the handles) while they mow may cause excessive stress to these components.
  • Bouncing the mower over extremely rough terrain, ledges and door entrances may cause strain to these parts. If the mower is going to be used around such areas, move slowly and cautiously.
  • Use caution when mowing under fences, porch extensions and the like. Impacts from rolling the mower into fixed oblects can cause stress to these components.

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