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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How do I get the rear wheels loose?

The operators manual discusses removing the front and rear wheels and greasing these axles at least once per season. If this is an older unit, and has not been maintained the properly, it may be a situation in which these rims may have rusted to the axles. Tractors improperly stored or exposed to the outside elements in combination with lack of maintenance are more prone to this complaint and may incur increased severity of bonding.

If the wheels are rusted to the axle shafts, try using a good penetrating oil designed to free rusted parts in combination with vibration to loosen the wheel from the axle. A rubber mallet or an impact drill, worked around the rim, are both good sources of vibration.

In severe cases, more drastic measures may be necessary. These may include cutting the rim or axle and replacing these parts with new ones.

Service Tip! - Before re-assembly,  be sure to coat the axle shaft with an anti-seize lubricant and maintain this component as explained.

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