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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why is there a clutch feature on some model trimmers and not on others?

Trimmers equipped with the clutch feature are designed for those persons looking for less starter pull rope resistance and more control of the rotational head of the trimmer.

The clutch is designed to disengage the power head when the throttle is released and the engine RPM decreases. This reduces the possibility that the trimmer may accidentally trim when working in close quarters or when moving between trimming locations. Models without a clutch to disengage the drive shaft at starting will require some extra effort to pull start. This is because models without a clutch will have the extra mass of the drive shaft and cutting head assembly to turn whenever the engine revolves.

Due to the added cost of this optional clutch assembly, this feature is generally not found on our economy and basic featured units. The clutch is integrated into the entire design of the trimmer. It is not possible to add this feature to units that were not originally factory equipped with a clutch.

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