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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

How long does it normally take for repairs performed at an authorized service dealer?

Normally authorized service dealers strive to turn products around within a 14 day period from the time that the product arrives at the shop until the unit is repaired and ready to be returned to the customer.

This 14 day time frame is based on allowing the servicing dealer enough time to perform the following :

a) Inspect the unit in proper turn with any previous units already ahead of this unit in for service.

b) Provide any requested estimates to the customer and discuss any repair options with them when necessary.

c) Order any necessary service parts from the local parts distributor.*

d) Shipping time from the parts distributor to receive any necessary service parts.*

e) Time to properly repair the equipment and test it for return to the customer. Occasionally this process may need to be repeated if service requires that one problem repaired before another problem can be addressed. Example: Repairing an engine starting problem may need to have the engine starter replaced before the engine can be started. At which time the dealer may then discover that the engine needs an additional part for proper engine tune-up resulting in another service parts order having to be placed.

Warranty repair service time can also vary with seasonal volume spikes as a result of weather and large volumes of customers all wanting service simultaneously. During peak periods of the season, such as spring time mower tune-up time or in the case of an unusually hard winter season blizzard, longer repair turn around times may result from these sudden volume surges of maintenance and repair customers all wanting service simultaneously. This is standard for the industry when these unusual peak seasonal surges arrive.

It's good advice for equipment owners take mowers in for routine maintenance near the end of the mowing season (when dealer volume is generally less) so that the equipment can be repaired when its need to the owner is less and it then the equipment will be ready to go when the season returns. For similar reasons snow equipment in need of routine service for the upcoming season should be taken in at the end of the snow season.

Equipment owners that knowingly store equipment in need of service at the end of the season with plans to take the unit in for service when the season returns risk not having the unit ready in time for the season opener as a result of long lines of customers with various brands and ages of equipment all converging on the service dealers simultaneously.

Customers curious about local service times should call their local service dealers in their area and inquire about the current average service turn around time. It may be prudent to contact several dealers during peak seasonal times to find service centers with shorter service turn around times before taking the unit in for service.

No one wants repairs to take any longer than necessary. The service dealers want to get paid as much as the owner wants to get their unit back. Quality repairs take time to do properly. Rushing the service process only leads to the likelihood of mistakes and longer delays in getting the unit back to operating correctly. Customers understanding of the process, cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.

* NOTE:   These independent service dealers work on most brands of outdoor power equipment. Although most of these service dealers stock common service parts, it would be impractical for these service dealers to stock every possible repair part for every brand and style unit ever manufactured. This ordering of parts from regional parts is standard for the power equipment service industry.  Most service dealers receive service parts from their regional parts distributor within 5 business days.  Parts on backorder at the regional distributor may take slightly longer if the distributor needs to re-order or special order a particular part.

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