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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

The engine won't start or is hard to start. What can I do?
  • Your not out of gas are you?
  • Is the spark plug wire attached to the plug.
  • Check the spark plug porcelain, maybe it is cracked.
  • The spark plug may be fouled, clean the electrodes and reset the plug gap.
  • Is the gas line obstructed? Remove fuel like at carburetor and check for obstruction. Drain gas tank and replace with clean, fresh fuel.
  • Is the fuel clean? You didn't use a dirty or rusty gas can did you? If you did, it might be better to let small engines technician check the fuel system and carburetor.
  • Stale gas that has set around and lost its strength is a trouble maker...hard starting and loss of power results.
  • Maybe there is water in the gas. Condensation in the tank or in your gas can sometimes happens. Carburetor could be out of adjustment.
  • Maybe you over-choked and flooded the engine. Put throttle in run or fast position and crank several times to slear out the excess gas.
  • Your throttle control may be set so that it does not fully close the choke.
  • Dirty or plugged air cleaner, may result to no air flow.

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