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Barrette's Small Engines Inc. - FAQ's

Why shouldn't I tamper with my flywheel?

In one of the US Lawn Tractor Racing Clubs, a flywheel exploded during a race. It severely injured one of the race drivers and lucky for him he was away from the spectators.

The real Potential "Danger", of an over speeding condition (revving over manufacturer specs), is the flywheel exploding. This occurrence is not usually considered by most individuals, even those who have many years of engine experience. As the engine speed increases, centrifugal forces working upon the flywheel also rapidly increases.

Sufficient forces can be obtained causing the flywheel to explode. Here are a few examples: removing a flywheel by striking it with a metal hammer, prying underneath it with a screwdriver or crowbar, installing a flywheel with an impact gun, over torquing the flywheel nut and shaving down flywheel to reduce weight, will and can affect the flywheel's strength and increases someone's chances of experiencing a flywheel exploding.

We at cannot stress enough the use of proper removal tools & installation specs to insure the safety of you the DIY'er and family or friends around you.

Below is an end result of an exploded flywheel, caused by improper removal and installation.


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