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New 5W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil Completes European Car Formula Lineup

January 31st, 2013: AMSOIL Now Offers Low-, Mid- and Full-SAPS European Motor Oils

Sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS) comprise a significant portion of a motor oil's additive content. Sulfated ash works to improve antioxidancy, anti-wear properties, total base number (TBN), corrosion resistance, engine cleanliness and soot-handling ability; phosphorus provides further antioxidancy and sulfur contributes antioxidancy, anti-wear properties and engine cleanliness.

Prior to 2010. there were no lower limits on an oil's SAPS content. A low-SAPS oil could be used in a mid-SAPS oil could claim full-SAPS specs (but not the other way around). However, because the vehicle emissions systems and aftertreatment devices of some European vehicles are sensitive to the SAPS content of oil, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have realized the importance of using motor oil formulated with a precise SAPS level, and lower limits were established in 2010. In addition to the specifications established by the ACEA, most European OEMs have also developed their own specifications. To ensure proper engine protection and optimal emissions system performance and life, it is important to use an oil that meets the recommended specification listed in the vehicle's owner's manual.

AMSOIL European Car Formula Lineup

AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated to provide outstanding protection and performance for European gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks. Blended with advanced AMSOIL synthetic base stocks, premium additives and broad viscosity ratings, European Car Formula allows motorists to take advantage of the maximum extended drain intervals recommended by European automakers.

  • Outstanding All-Season Performance
  • Engineered for Maximum Fuel Economy
  • Enhanced Turbocharger Protection
  • Low-, Mid- and Full-SAPS Formulations

Written By: AMSOIL Service Line
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