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Why Amsoil OE Synthetic Motor Oil?

April 1st, 2013: Do you remember the days of the 3,000-mile oil change? When you surpassed 3,000 miles, perhaps anxiety set in because you felt you were somehow harming the engine of your vehicle. Although some people still change their oil at this mileage interval, it is no longer the norm. After AMSOIL pioneered the first API-certified extended-drain synthetic motor oil more than 40 years ago, the industry is finally beginning to catch on to the extended-drain mentality, moving away from the antiquated 3,000-mile drain interval rule. According to National Oil & Lube News (NOLN), the average motorist travels approximately 4,777 miles between oil changes. Additionally, many automobile manufacturers today not only specify using synthetic oil, but have greatly increased their recommended drain intervals. In fact, some manufacturers recommend drain intervals as long as 15,000 miles, and longer if using electronic oil life monitoring systems.

With this change in the industry and consumer habits, and because conventional motor oils were not up to the task, motorists began looking toward synthetic motor oils capable of handing the new, longer drain intervals recommended by their vehicle manufacturers. Although many motorists are moving toward synthetic motor oils for their protection and performance benefits, many are still price-conscious and not yet fully comfortable with a true extended drain interval.

AMSOIL identified the need in the marketplace for a quality, lower-cost synthetic motor oil, introducing the OE line of API-certified synthetic motor oils in 2010. While a number of motor oils will meet the increased drain intervals recommended by automobile manufacturers, why choose AMSOIL OE?

Not all Motor Oils are Created Equal

Most synthetic motor oils are API-certified, but not all are created equal. API standards set the minimum requirements for a safe, engine-friendly motor oil. Comparing to the food industry, the FDA sets minimum food safety standards, but does not focus on food quality. For example, while there are dozens of coffee brands on the market, they are not all the same quality. The best coffee brands are usually those that start with the highest-quality coffee beans. The other key factor is the roasting process, which is quite sophisticated and requires exact timing, knowledge and recipe. Roast a good bean the wrong way and you have burnt-tasting coffee. While it is safe to drink, it tastes awful. You wouldn't want to serve that to your customers.

Motor oil is not that different; AMSOIL starts with the best-of-class, highest-quality base stocks and additives, and AMSOIL chemists rely o n40 years of pioneering knowledge to formulate the exact perfect recipe. The end result is synthetic motor oil that not only meets API certification standards, but far exceeds them in quality. Most motor oil brands cannot compare in quality.

Quality = Satisfied Customers

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated for the longer oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers today. Its advanced synthetic technology resists chemical breakdown for maximum wear protection (and peace of mind) well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile oil change interval.

The key benefits of AMSOIL OE include the following:

  • Enhanced wear protection to extend the life of the vehicle
  • Maximum fuel efficiency
  • Superior extreme-temperature resistance for better cold-weather starting, and protection against high-temperature viscosity breakdown
  • Excellent deposit control to keep engines clean and operating at peak efficiency

OE offers high-quality protection and performance for original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-recommended drain intervals at a price comparable with other standard-drain synthetic motor oils. It is recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles requiring any of the following performance specifications.

Written By: AMSOIL Service Line
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